Nobody Can Crack This Number Puzzle...?!

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Nobody Can Crack This Number Puzzle...?! Empty Nobody Can Crack This Number Puzzle...?!

Message par wustvn le Sam 29 Déc - 2:43

Hello to all of you guys here...
I can't speak French, so I write this in English. I'd like to post a number puzzle, which had been brought to many forums, but yet nobody can work it out properly. I don't know where to put, so I put it here. I'm not a puzzle mania, this just really disturbs my mind. I hope you guys here can help me.
This number puzzle is in .xls file format. It looks like HITORI, but it's not. Since here I can't attach .xls file, I put it (name: sept09A.xls) at:
(Don't worry this is being a spam Smile ).
There are tables contain of 10 rows (1,2,3,...,10) each.
Each tables contains of numbers, which here I give example 1 to 40, that should be found its relationships/patterns, so the next numbers can be placed correctly in a certain rows in each tables.
In EACH tables, each numbers appears just one time and there will be no same numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
Tables 1-20 in sheet #2, Tables 21-32 in sheet #3, Tables 33-44 in sheet #4,..., Tables 273-284 in sheet #24.
I name and arrange the tables just like that, though you can do else.
In sheet #1 you can see Tables 1-20 have been filled with numbers 1 to 350.
In sheet #25 you can see that total amount of the numbers in each rows are almost its average, so this isn't random and it should have a solution, shouldn't it?
(I hope this can explain the problems clearly).
Thank you to those who want to pay attentions and interested in this puzzle.

1. Please reply this, if you need to, in English.
2. Because of their similar shapes, in sheet #26 & #27 I rearranged the tables that I think could be the "keys" of this puzzle.
3. This "big sizes" puzzle is tough, (artistic?) and really needs hard thinking...

Best regards
Steven Wu
Bali - Indonesia


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